3D Virtual Staging

A modern advantage.

A practical, efficient, stress-free solution. Rejuvenate your space and offer a refined viewing experience with Gryd’s virtual staging services. Enhance any furnished or unfurnished space with 3D-rendered furniture and decor, available in 2D photos or within our 3D virtual tour. We partner with you to personalize each property, utilizing our Canada-wide network of Matterport Pros and a wide range of interior design styles.

Empty room with dark hardwood floors
Virtually staged bedroom with dark hardwood floors

The Gryd approach



Our team of experts will provide a one-on-one design consultation and quote based on your needs, budget and aesthetic goals.


Tailored to your schedule, our team of Gryd professionals will visit and capture your space to recreate a custom look and feel.


We will retouch and deliver sharp, high-quality HDR photographs for you to share with your audience: printable or viewable through any device or browser.

Why 3D virtual staging?

Cost effective

The perfect mix of cost and results. Invest a small amount to yield large returns through increased sales.

Increase asking price

Staging has proven to boost asking prices by 10%, on average.

Attract tenants

83% percent of tenants said staging a home made it easier for them to visualize the property as a future home.

Time sensitive

We are capable to virtually stage a space within a fraction of the typical 3-month contract associated with physical staging.